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Every first Saturday of the month at 9:30 am.

Coffee and pastry are served.

All men are invited. High school aged male youth are also welcome.

Our leaders for this ministry  are Rudy Hyde and Huck Nelson

Our Men's group meets over breakfast. Topics of discussion have ranged from worldwide missionary work to an individual's personal testimony.  It's always a casual setting but strongly rooted in the word of Christ and the work of the church.

Men and women of Christ usually work hand in hand in ministries trying to connect, develop and win men and women for Christ. However, the Men's group allows men of different ages and backgrounds to come together for one fellowship with Jesus Christ and get to know him better through his word. The fellowship helps men to grow and encourage one another. The young learn from the old and the old learn from the young with Christ and his teaching at the center.

The group was founded by a missionary, Dr. Stephen Westfall, whose work has taken him around the world.

On occasion open invitations are given for any person, male or female, to attend and join the men for breakfast and the presentation. Special announcements will be made in these cases.

Short study on the book of Jude

First United Methodist Church of San Benito

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