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A new 10 week class entitled "Believers" has begun here at FUMC San Benito. It includes agnostics, seeker's and believer's. The ages range from 88 to 14. There is a 'bible based' book but folks are encouraged to bring a critically discerning eye to the book and the Bible. 

The class started from a point of knowing that there is a 'Greater Power' than us, but even if they are they are not there yet in their journey they can start from wherever they want. 

This class is being led by Senior Pastor Melissa Nelson in a need to diversify her own journey. Students participate in the class with an understanding that, although a Pastor, Rev. Nelson does not know all things. Also, they have committed to basically agree to disagree if and when a good discussion gets going, there's no 'fire-hosing' each other. Students are simply asked to return the gift of listening to the one speaking. This class is more open-discussion than debate. As musch as Rev. Nelson is the facilitator, the Holy Spirit is the teacher. The facilitator won't always be Rev. Nelsons either. Sometimes a lay person, a class member, the Holy Spirit, or even the books itself might be the guide.


If you would like to be part of the discussion, consider reading the follwing: C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity", Paul Young "The Shack" and Hannah Hurnard "Hind's Feet on High Places"

The "Believers" class meets every Sunday morning until July 31st at 9:15 am. It is not 'Sunday School'. It is a new spin on an old method of learning.


Are you a Believer?

First United Methodist Church of San Benito

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