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Face it, talking about money in church is tough. No matter what is said, no matter what is preached, no matter what...your giving is always between you and God.

The 'Me, Myself & God Challenge' is a personal system you can use to view your giving. Each month you will receive a record of your giving from the previous year. The 'Challenge' is in what you choose to do with the information.

You may realize you're where you should be or perhaps you may see room for changes. Either way, your giving should always start with prayer and understanding.

You will only receive the report if you sign up for it and you can opt out anytime.

This is not a pledge and you are not obligated to do anything even if you choose to receive the reports.

Please keep in mind, we can only generate a report if there is a history for you on file. If you received a giving statement for 2016, you are eligible. If you would like to try this next year, make sure any offerings are checks or cash in a named envelope.

You can OPT-OUT anytime. Please send an email or call the office stating your wish to stop receiving the reports...956-399-2187 or Make sure to leave your name and number.

First United Methodist Church of San Benito

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